Restaurants Love Us.

Service Rate as low as 15% of each ordered placed through order:app.

Danny Meyer, one New York City’s most successful Restaurateurs says “The excellence reflex is a natural reaction to fix something that isn’t right, or to improve something that could be better. The excellence reflex is rooted in instinct and upbringing, and then constantly honed through awareness, caring and practice.”

That’s why ActiveWaiter order:app™ is an invaluable service. It excels as a reaction to fix and improve the common, often unexpected disruption of service. Service is one of the cornerstones to a profitable, talked-about and ultimately successful venue. By bringing ActiveWaiter order:app™ into the fold, your ability to meet and exceed your customers expectations doesn’t depend on one of your servers who is in the weeds or just having a bad night. It removes the concept of “forgot” and adds the revenue lost from an unordered item or a frustrated customer who might not return.

ActiveWaiter order:app™ puts each customer’s order in their own smartphone queue. That way, instead of wondering what’s taking so long, or asking where their order is…or even better, if there’s enough time to have another beverage or appetizer, they’ll be able to see what’s happening and order away. That smells like revenue. Now we’re cooking!

ActiveWaiter order:app™ makes the lives of your loyal servers easier. They disappear, but they don’t’ go away. They are still always there to answer questions, make the customer feel welcome and deliver the food and drinks. The great thing is, ActiveWaiter order:app™ increases the amount of time your server can spend with your guests, increasing the concept of “super-service.”

ActiveWaiter order:app™ was developed as an excellence reflex. Its creation is the awareness that even at their best, good restaurants can have service missteps. Addressing the reasons for those missteps can make a good restaurant become a great restaurant…and a make a great restaurant even better.

ActiveWaiter order:app™ was developed as a caring response to favorite restaurants whose patronage was lost or compromised because of consistent poor service and/or lack of responsiveness to dining needs.

ActiveWaiter order:app™ is reshaping and honing the practice of excellent service by bringing it front and center into the smartphone age. It is the cutting edge of the excellence reflex. If your restaurant doesn’t have ActiveWaiter order:app™, you don’t’ just know what you’re missing… I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you say you wanted another cocktail, appetizer, bottle of wine…