Bars Love Us.

Forbes Magazine’s “The Worlds Greatest Bartender”, Colin Field of the Ritz in Paris says, “Some people like to talk with a bartender, some don’t. My job here is to be the host, the showman, the life of the party.”

ActiveWaiter couldn’t agree more, but sometimes the bartender is too busy to talk, or never even gets the drink request. That’s where we excel. Our app makes drink ordering as easy as mixing a vodka on the rocks, because talking isn’t necessary and the customer doesn’t forget they are thirsty. The great thing is, the possibility of drink sales increases when the thirst to reorder is quenched immediately. Call it an impulse purchase, call it dry mouth or just call more money in the till!

With ActiveWaiter order:app™ customers can also rate their drinks so you know how the bartender is pouring. We call it the Wet Bar, and as the bartender ratings get higher your bar gets ranked higher in our top recommends results. ActiveWaiter order:app™ works the same as it does if the customer were sitting at a table. They order and pay right from their app. If they decide to move to a table, not a problem. Their beverages are already in their ActiveWaiter order:app™ bill so it makes the trip from bar to table almost seamless. In the event the bar tab wasn’t closed, it’s still viewed on the same bill, but we’ve separated it with the ability to tip – even up to the time they pay their final dinner bill. So your great bartenders get tips other than, “great hair,” The customer will have the ability to include the bar tab in their total or pay it separately with its own tip – giving the customer the ultimate option of choice.

When it comes to bars, we like to think of ActiveWaiter order:app™ as “the showman.” We know that if your customer is cozying up to the bar for the night, they most likely are looking for some interaction. This is when ActiveWaiter order:app™ is the hip tool to introduce your fantastic cocktail menu, masterful mixology or extensive beer and wine offerings. Nothing sells a drink better than seeing what it looks like or knowing what’s in it. When it comes to hosting, we’ll leave that up to your crew and of course we’ll leave the life of the party up to your customer!