Hi there! We are the hip new way to order at restaurants.

we are the hip new way to dine at your       
     favorite restaurants!

No Menu?

no more waiting…order food & drinks from
your mobile phone!

Ready to Eat?

activate your personal waiter from   
your mobile phone!

Check Please!

review the bill, tip and pay all from
youy mobile phone!


Ready to change the way you dine at your favorite restaurants? ActiveWaiter order:app™ let’s you place your order when you are ready to eat, drink when you want another drink and pay when you are ready to leave.

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i'm a restaurant

ActiveWaiter order:app™ makes your waiters super efficient and able to serve more customers. ActiveWaiter streamlines the entire dining experience for your customers and integrates into your operation.

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i'm a bar

Have another? We think they will — with ActiveWaiter order:app™ your opportunity to serve one more round doesn’t get lost in the crowd. Increase your sales volume, see what’s selling, what’s not.

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